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WE are constantly trying to implement new solutions that will enable us to provide better VPS services to our customers, with 16 years of work experience in IT, out of wich 10 years supporting and implementing only virtualization solutions.


A fact worth a thousand words

Our Infrastructure is build in such a way so it can provide a great uptime. Starting from the clusters that can recover a VPS from a failing host in minutes, to the networking, where each of our hosts have from 4 to 6 network ports for failover , and ending with our storage arhitecture for witch we are using only 4 – 8 GBps fiber links on 2 different ways, diffrent switches and diffrent storage controlers. Also for all our hardware we have in place cold standby solutions identical with the one in production, so if something goes wrong with the hosts, networking, storage in a matter of minutes the cold standby can take the place of the broken hardware and ensure everything is working as designed !